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Low-Carbon Workforce

1-day training course

USP is a dynamic, results-driven, organisation confident in its ability to add value to collaborative partners.  Our specialist training and employability services ensure we make quantifiable, day-to-day differences to bottom-line figures. 

Every day we challenge stereotypes and presumptions enabling us to assist businesses in their growth plans whilst developing individuals in their desire to become the best they can be.

We’re solutions driven with the ability to ‘join the dots’ in what is often seen as a myriad of confusion. Our ability to unpick funding solutions that are often seen as complex and unachievable has provided tangible gains for our employer partners.

Proven expertise in Business Development, client engagement, and sales with extensive knowledge of Work Based Learning, Welfare to Work, Apprenticeships, Adult Education Budget, Skills Bootcamps, Dynamic Purchasing (DWP), and various funding streams.

Successful track record in attracting, engaging, developing, and deploying young Apprentices into businesses, including a significant project with Barclays to recruit 1000 young Apprentices across multiple branches in the UK.

Experience in designing and implementing innovative solutions to address skills shortages and employment in collaboration with blue-chip organizations, Local Authorities, DWP, employers, business leaders, local agencies, Universities, Colleges, and Schools.

Founded and managed Innovative Alliance Ltd., a dynamic and results-driven organization that delivered specialist employability services, challenged stereotypes, and made a difference in the lives of unemployed individuals.

237 young people were put into employment across the UK with the Kickstart Scheme

USP collaborated with local organizations and businesses to provide training, mentorship, and resources to participants. The program was designed to support individuals from diverse backgrounds.

USP’s expertise in entrepreneurship and business development helped to ensure that participants received high-quality training and support.

Overall, the partnership between USP and local organizations helped to promote economic growth and development in the Liverpool City region.

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